A little bit about me…

I’ll write a longer post later about me and my love for animation, but for now, here’s a quick summary.

I was born in Temuco, Chile in October 1988, but was adopted to Norway when I was three moths old. I grew up in Malvik, Norway, close to the third biggest city in Norway, Trondheim. I decided more or less on becoming an animator at the age of four when I saw my ever first Disney movie in the cinema, Aladdin in 1992. The year after I got Snow White and the seven dwarfs on VHS and it has a short featurette about how the movie was made, from this point on I had one goal, to one day make animated movies.ย 

After high school I ended up in Hamar, Norway for my bachelors degree in animation. After having trouble finding work in the animation industry in Norway for two years after the course I decided to study for a masters degree to increase my change of getting my dream job. I ended up in London in 2014 and has spend the last two years studying and ย improving my work. Now I’m done with the studies and has started the task of becoming a working animator. I’m currently on an internship with Nexus Productions in London and doing the last finishing touches to my final film to send out to festivals.

That was really, really short I promise I will write a longer post with some illustrations later. But for now it will do.ย 


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