Final character designs and mood change

Originally posted on the MA Character animation course blog, published March 4th 2015.

First of all, sorry for the lack of updates, but all of the sudden the Unit 1 Assignment was closing up and among everything else I forgot the blog. Anyway, I have tons of stuff to show off, so let’s start with the two elements from the Christmas assignment I decided to change, the character design and the mood change wallk. For the Christmas Assignment I drew a character design based on a design I made in one of our workshops. I wasn’t too happy about the result, but liked the general idea and wanted to update it for the final assignment. This was the original from Christmas:


For the final assignment I was supposed to produce a model sheet of a character at three stages of their life. I’ve been working on it as a side project since late January and decided to make a overview of several different age stages and then choose three stages to focus on. And I also gave him a name: Bernard. This is the result:


I’m very pleased with it myself and I’m also happy that I had the time now to add some colour as it in my opinion brings the character more to life. I also learned to draw the characters much more easily when I drew them from so many angles and had my model sheet to refer to, so the adult version of Bernard became the character of my mood change walk.

The mood change walk was supposed to be: a character walks into scene, sees something and as result of what they have seen, changes the mood of their walk. This was the mood change walk I submitted for Christmas:

I’m happy to say that I like it so much better now. And also that I got to try animating my own character to show him in motion for the assignment.

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