Life drawing, week 10

Originally posted on the MA Character animation course blog, published January 25th 2015.

My drawing from the last life drawing session before Christmas, just for Thursday since Wednesday that week was physical theatre day. In the end of this post I’ve also posted all the drawings from my ever first session, two and a half month ago. I see a clear improvement and feel much more capable of drawing humans now than I did before.

From the first session, the first collection is the ones I feel weren’t very good and the second one is the ones were I first see a slight improvement.

When comparing these drawings to the last one I did before Christmas I can see that I didn’t know where to start or where to focus when I started drawing. I didn’t see the figure as a whole as because of that my proportions where of and some parts were quite bulky because I payed too much attention to details rather than capturing the essence. I also drew quite hard with my charcoal from the start without sketching out first, which made it harder to go back and change things.

I  now give myself a few seconds before I start just to make sure I see the pose, get the line of action and I also draw lighter with more flow and then go back if I have time.



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