Originally posted on the MA Character animation course blog, published February 1st 2015.

Wednesday this week we had my favourite workshop so far! I’ve always felt that although my animations are quite good and I can make them communicate, storytelling is my biggest challenge. I can easily come up with stories in my head, but I have problems explaining them to other people. Because of that my stories tend to stay as just my stories.

In my bachelor course no one taught us much story developing because the course focused more on games, were you often just make a general story with a start and an ending since the middle part is for the gamer to play and explore. I have always wanted to work on animation towards movies rather than games, because of the possibilities of acting and storytelling. I’m one of those who enjoys to watch a movie over and over to analyse the story and look at the animation or the acting. So I was looking forward to the time were we would start to explore what lays behind a good  story.

The exercise of the day was to come up with a story in groups of threes and tell it to the class in the end of the day. We were given several headlines from newspapers which we could chose from and make a story for. My group: me, Beth and Andreia chose the headline “Superman grounded by traffic police” (I still don’t know what the real story behind this was.)

We came up with a story in two hours, drew the storyboard for two hours and then Andreia and Beth managed to put the storyboard together for an animatic in the last 15 minutes while I was upstairs to film for my green screen project.



I loved this exercise, it was very helpful to work through the whole process and to get a good feedback on how a story is told best. And for last, here is a picture of me in the green screen room.



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