Originally posted on the MA Character animation course blog, published March 8th 2015.

The last week before the assignment my class had our last session with Maryclare, this time at the British Museum. The task was the same as on Waterloo station, find an object, draw it from several different angles and then make a story about it.

I choose an art piece from the African part of the museum. Some sort of lizard made out of weapon pieces from a civil war.

And then I made a story about what the lizard do when the museum closes for the night.


The last thing we did was that Maryclare thought us a very funny collaboration game where we all got a piece of paper and had 2 minutes to draw something, just anything. Then when the two minutes were up we send the drawing to the person next to us and then got two minutes to draw something on this drawing and so on until we got our original drawing back. Everybody liked this so I included an other collaboration drawing we did when we thought the game to the people who weren’t on the field trip afterwards.



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