Originally posted on the MA Character animation course blog, published July 12th 2015.


Ten months ago I avoided drawing realistic people and struggled enormously to draw a few life drawings for my application portfolio. So when I got into uni and was told that we would have life drawing every week my hope was that I would be better at it by the end of the year. And I feel like I am. I still have a lot to learn, but the improvement was faster than I thought it would be.

My first session was kind of a struggle, but I got a lot of advice from our teacher Vanessa. and there are also a few people in my class and on the second year that are very good at life drawing and gladly gave me some advice. I often don’t want anyone to see my drawings if I’m not happy with them myself, but with life drawing I really needed feedback and tried to ask for it every time.


Improvement on one minute drawings.


Improvement on two minute drawings.


Improvement on three minute drawings.


Improvement on four minute drawings.

The progression was much quicker than I expected and as we also started with life drawing on Wednesdays with Mayclare I got better. The fact that she stressed that you can’t get a perfect drawing every time helped me be less self conscious about my work and starting to see potential even if the drawing wasn’t as good as I wanted.


Improvement on five minute drawings.


Improvement on six minute drawings.


Improvement on seven minute drawings.


Improvement on eight minute drawings.

Now at the end of the year I see a big change and the fact that I now don’t need to think so much when drawing, but rather let myself draw quick and light has made it so much easier. I’m going to continue to work on life drawing and studying anatomy through summer and hope that I will have time to follow up on the life drawing sessions next term. I only missed out on one during the last eight months.

I also realised my progress as I met a few of the new students during the last life drawing sessions and they have seen me draw and started asking me for advice! So I must have improved, which is what I expected after eight months, 28 sessions, eleven sketchbooks, 53 A1 and 116 A3 paper sheets 🙂



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