Originally posted on the MA Character animation course blog, published June 1st 2015.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been working on my movie’s layout. Since I animate quite quickly and my animation has few very complicated animations that will take much time,I’ve done a few animation tests already, I wanted my layout done before animating. Both because I didn’t want to animate something I couldn’t use because of a wrong angle and waste lots of time, but also because I find layout and backgrounds very hard to plan out and draw and I knew it would take me a lot of time. Therefore I’ve only focused on my layouts the last week and I finally finished it. Here are two of them:


They look very detailed because of the dark heavy lines, but that’s mostly for me to see all the perspective and make it easier to plan my animations within the scenes. In the end result I will replace some of the details with textures and use colour rather than a heavy outline.


Now, I can finally start keyframing and animating! 🙂


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