Originally posted on the MA Character animation course blog, published March 12th 2015.

After a few days off following last weeks assignment we started a new Unit this week with a brief on our first individual project and a two week simulated work placement with the second years.

The client that we are going to work for is The old operating theatre museum, which we visited yesterday. Everyone will make a one minute film portraying people of the hospital from a time period between medieval ages until mid 1800s. I got from 1822-1862, the last part before the original St Thomas hospital moved.


I don’t know much about the area or the time period, so to get some input just to get me started I went to a talk in the museum today.


This story was quite weird of course, and even though this didn’t happen in the time period I was given, everything started to become more real since we were told about several people of the hospital. Yesterday was slightly overwhelming with information, today I’m starting to get more of an idea of what place this may have been.

I’ve also been working with one of the second years, Becca, my first choice of who I wanted to work with and I’m very pleased so far. I’ve been allowed to do what I like the most, the rough animation and not the clean up, and the character I’m animating is a dog.



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