Originally posted on the MA Character animation course blog, published August 5th 2015.

While working with the second years on their movies I found it very helpful to try to match their drawing styles. It really helped me develop my own style and now I try to draw in new and different ways than what I’ve always done before.

Since I’m not very good at character design I asked Selom to draw me some sketches that I could try to clean up as he is very talented in it. He drew two that I cleaned up right before I left London for the summer, he put them on his blog and you can see them here: Selom’s blog

But he also drew me a more detailed sketch with several characters on it for me to clean up, I brought it back to Norway and now it’s done.

002.jpgDuring process.


Finished drawing.

It was very hard to do without my light box (Selom is taking care of it for me while I’m gone) and I had to start over five times before I got it right. I tried to work with the line’s thickness to make the characters stand out more and not become completely flat. I’m still learning to exaggerate my drawings and find it quite challenging, but also very fun as I see a slight change of style which I like.


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