Originally posted on the MA Character animation course blog, published November 11th 2015.

Last Monday my group started the work of keyframes and rough animation for our movie. After a very helpful acting session on Friday the animating became much easier than we had expected. The movie has a few scenes that we could see ourselves struggling with, the ones where all characters where present at the same time. The fact that we are animating one character each when they touch, hug, kiss and push each other didn’t help. But the acting class solved it for us and we ended up having no problems with any of it, and when this wasn’t an issue we progressed much faster than we thought where possible. At the moment eighteen out of 26 shots are more or less completed and we are almost two weeks ahead of our schedule!

As well as animating Steva I’m animating the shadow when it morphs into the shadow of the stepmother when it’s on the ground and when it snatches the baby. Which has been lots of work and lots of fun. I’ve never really done much effect animation and morphing before so this was new to me. I really got to practice my follow through this week.



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