Originally posted on the MA Character animation course blog, published December 6th 2015.

When we were setting up our schedule in the second week of the project, we gave ourselves three weeks for cleaning up and colouring the animation, but still, it was stressful

If I learned anything from our last project, the Old operating theatre, it is that cleaning up and colouring is something I find boring, makes me stressed and takes a lot of time. In this project it’s been slightly better and I’ve got pretty good at cleaning up without tensing my whole body with concentration, much because of the style. Since Maja’s style is a wobbly kind of animation the cleaning up became much easier as we didn’t have to be to precise, but still took us much longer than we expected as there was much more frames to draw since the characters where never standing completely still. This also made the colouring take longer time and we eventually had to skip our original plan of just working on our own characters and help each other out. If we hadn’t we probably wouldn’t finish on time.

For my final project I need to have at least a month just for cleaning up and colouring and nothing else. I still is amazed that it takes so much time every time I try to do it. I’ll have to consider this when doing my character design.



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