Originally posted on the MA Character animation course blog, published October 27th 2015.

Since we started working together last week the story of Jenufa was the main concern for both Maja, Andreia and myself. We’ve all struggled with it through summer and we all knew that a recap of the opera was the only thing that would make it make sense.

We met with our enthusiastic scriptwriter Greta on Monday and she really was an enormous help. She asked the right questions and had the right ideas for us to sort out the story. Our biggest problem was our main character Jenufa, we just couldn’t make out what she wanted or why she was so shallow whatever happened to her. I myself had knowligly left out the fact that she chooses to stay with Laca in the end of the opera because I didn’t like that ending. Eventually we had to keep that, but we also ended up making Jenufa a bit stronger and in control.

Working on the animatic went really well. We all drew a sequence from the movie and added more pictures as we went on. And luckily, everyone we asked could understand the story and Chris and Natasha liked it, what a relief!

Since then we’ve been working on the layout and started to work out the characters. We are all going to animate one character each, Maja animates Jenufa, Andreia animates Laca and I’m animating Steva and the shadow (since Steva has such a short screen time). Maja has drawn some helpful model sheets and now Andreia and I are practising our characters before we all start keyframing next week.


Maja’s model sheets

My own notes on Steva


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