Originally posted on the MA Character animation course blog, published October 13th 2015.

After eight months of life drawing nearly every week I decided to try and keep my skills from fading through the summer. I practised on my own with this figure drawing site and by going to a life drawing session at Candid Arts in Angel with Selom. So, here are my life drawings from the summer:


1 & 2  min from Candid Arts


10,15 & 20 min from Candid Arts. These where kind of challenging, because of the amount of time. We normally don’t go over eight minutes in life drawing with Vanessa so with this amount of time I didn’t know where to go next. So I tried to both define muscles with what little knowledge I have of that and I solved it by moving around and drawing the model from different angles.

Favourite drawing from Candid Arts, I also ended up redrawing it with inks. I then gave the original drawing to a family member so that’s still back in Norway, so I only have this low quality picture of it : (


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