Originally posted on the MA Character animation course blog, published February 9th 2016.

After my tutorial last week I didn’t get too much feedback on my animatic other than keeping it consistent and giving my characters a better design to distinguish them from each other.

So this weekend I’ve been working on the different age stages of the foxes, cub, grown up and old. Sunday evening I finally found a design I liked.


When I got back into uni on Monday I started working on this sketch and I managed to draw my first model sheets of my characters.

This is probably not my final design of them, but it’s what I’m going to work on from now. I’m still trying to figure out ways to show the different ages and different genders, but also show that they are related. So far I’m showing the relation through repetition of patterns and eye colour. I’ve tried to make the females a little bit smoother, but I’m not too happy about that so I’ll have a look at it again later. Maybe have a look around at some animated movies to figure out what distinctively sets male and female animal characters apart.

I’m also trying to figure out how much of their age will be determent by their design and how much will be in the movement. Of course the older the foxes gets the heavier and slower they will move.

The colours will probably also be changed when I have a background to compare them with, but the general idea is that the cubs have a light colour, the grown ups are quite dark and the oldest are grey.

But yeah, I’m happy with them so far. Now I’m back at fixing up my animatic again!


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