Originally posted on the MA Character animation course blog, published April 8th 2016.

Just a quick update on the project, about 60% of all the backgrounds are done and I’m starting to see the end of animating! I almost can’t believe it myself, it looks like I’m actually is going to finish on schedule! I’ve really improved from the micro shot craziness! 🙂

This is my shot list and as you can see it’s six shots left.


This list was intended to be for keyframing, but I’ve tried to be really precise when working so many shots are more or less inbwtweened while some are finished and ready for clean up. Hopefully my lovely firstyear helper Judit will be able to help me out a little bit before she needs to start production of her own project soon.  The plan is to finish all animation by the end of April and to start cleaning up before I go to Berlin. This will give me five weeks to clean up and colour, which I think will be a close call, but possible. At the moment I’ve promised myself that as long as the whole movie has all backgrounds and all animation coloured by the deadline I will call it a success. Since there are relatively little post production I’ll be able to add that in the two weeks until the degree show if I don’t have time for it before the deadline.

While doing keyframes and for once actually drawing the characters with all their details instead of just loose circles and a thousand random pencil lines pr frame I realised why animators tend to have a figurine of the character for reference. Even though my reference fox figurine is very simple it’s been so useful to get the perspective right. I can always act out my shots for movement reference, but to figure out what a fox head would look like when it turns around makes my brain almost explode!


So things are going slowly, but steadily. Can’t really ask for more at the moment.


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