Life drawing, 15th September

After a long summer of degree show, graduation and my first internship I’ve not had the time to go for life drawing. In the summer there’s no life drawing sessions that are connected to the course, but me and my friends sometimes goes to some sessions in Angel instead, just to not get too rusty. I’ve been quite low on money for a little while so I couldn’t afford it or I didn’t have time most weeks, but on the 15th it was once again time to draw.

When I don’t do life drawing for a while the first thing that seems to go is my sense of proportion, I already find that the most challenging thing about drawing humans. It happened again this time, but I was happy that it didn’t take me as long to catch up and get into the flow again. In these sessions the poses are much longer which give me time to take it in before I start. I find this helpful as I’m starting to see a pattern in muscles and the flow of the body, but in most cases in the life drawing sessions at uni I don’t have time to explore this as the gesture is more important.

In a weeks time the life drawing at uni starts again and although I’m not a student anymore, graduated students are welcome to these sessions for free, which is awesome. I was very good at keeping up with life drawing in uni and I’ll try to keep it up now that I’m working too.

These were my first drawing of the session (all five minutes) it’s pretty clear that the proportions are off, but…


… from the forth five minute drawing, it started to come back.


10 min


15 min


20 min

I think this was a 40 min pose all together, I got bored of tweaking my first drawing after a while and started new ones. Since my knowledge of the muscles still is a bit limited I often reaches a point on longer poses were I don’t know where to continue and rather than getting stuck I prefer to start over with a new drawing.

Oh well, it was a good session overall. I’m going to one last of these paid sessions tomorrow before the new term starts for the students and I’ll be back in uni for a few hours to draw again next week 🙂


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