Life drawing, 29th September

This is going to be the last life drawing at Candid Arts for a while as the regular life drawing sessions for animation students starts up again in my old uni. Although I’m not a student anymore, previous animation students are allowed to come back to these sessions for free for as long as we like or when ever we can. Which is good, life drawing sessions are expensive to me at the moment, but at the same time something I know I shouldn’t stop going to.

I had a fairly good session this week, got mostly good drawings. For some reason I see a pattern that the moment the poses are longer than 10 minutes I start to struggle. The more time I have on my hands the less I manage to focus on the gesture and with that my proportions and shapes go all over the place! So, I guess, short poses works best for me although I’ve figured out that rather drawing multiple drawings during long poses is better for me than sticking to just one drawing during all that time.

2 min poses, I missed those!

2 x 10 min poses and one 15 min, very happy with the 15 min one!

This was a 20 minute pose were I decided to do multiple drawings. This is also what I mean by the longer the time I have the worse is my sense of gesture. That’s why I decided to do a another drawing and you can see how much better it becomes when I know I don’t have time to think so much, but just draw what I see.

Same thing, 35 min poses, first drawing is of both gesture, shapes and proportions, and from then it gets better the less time I have left. I ended up adding a scene around the pose on these drawings as I’ve seen other students on the course do that sometimes and I think it looks really cool to add a bit of imagination to the drawing.

In this session I also forced myself to add a face to the figure, upon till now I haven’t done that I found it too difficult, but my mentor from the course told me that I now know the body enough that it’s time to try an add a bit of personality into the drawings. So that is the focus from now on in life drawing πŸ™‚ So all in all, a good session, looking forward to going back to uni next week!


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