Zoo trip, Tuesday 27th September

It’s been probably a year since I went to London Zoo last time, the second year of my MA character animation course took up so much of my time that it was simply no time for much drawing outside uni.

So when my former teacher Steve invited anyone that wanted to to come with him and the new firstyears to the zoo I jumped on it. And it was great and although I haven’t been drawing many other animals than my arctic foxes since January I was very happy with many of my sketches and felt like I had improved since last time. Therefore I took some of my drawings and cleaned them up in Photoshop using only what I had managed to capture in my sketch and my memory of the animal, in other words, no photo reference. And they turned out so much better than expected, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that although they definitly had my style to them I managed to add a bit more the drawings so that they seemed less flat 😀

These are some of the drawings from my sketchbook. I’m sorry for the bad lighting, I don’t have a scanner available anymore and it drives me crazy! -_-

And here are the cleaned up versions from Photoshop:

When I know for sure if I’m going to stay in London for a year or so, I’ll probably treat myself with a membership to the zoo. There is nothing I like better to draw than animals so this is something I’ve been missing.


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