Online portfolio, new showreel and the rest of this week

Since I ended my work at Nexus and waiting for something else to turn up I filled my time with updating my showreel and portfolio. I was intending to update some of my animation exercises too, but I started too late and didn’t manage to finish until I had to give back the Cintiq that my teacher from the course had been kind enough to lend me through the summer.

It didn’t help that the desk in my room barely is big enough for both the computer and the Cintiq and this gave my massive pain in my back and neck while working because I sat in an uncomfortable position. It’s also been quite nice weather with makes my room incredibly hot and impossible to stay in during the day or that the neighbourhood all of a sudden has become noisy. I’m telling you it started three weeks ago with these two kids screaming, not crying, outside in the street and it was clearly playful so nothing to worry about. But then from that day it was every morning, literally, every day at 7:15 am the past three weeks has started with screaming, and it only last for about a minute so it shocks you awake and then it’s quiet again. It’s slightly later in the weekends, like 8 am… I don’t know what’s going on. I’ve never had a problem with the sound of kids until now, I actually happened to find out two days ago that there’s a playground right outside my house and I’ve never heard anything until now! All I know is that it’s annoying and that all of this affects my work flow and my motivation. I wonder about it though… I have to say.

Well anyways I managed to do quite a bit on the days temperatures were low, sun was gone, back didn’t hurt and kids were quiet. First I managed to completely update my online portfolio which you can find here:

I also updated my showreel. I’m still waiting for the day when Nexus will tell me it’s finally okay to put the work I did for Skype in it, but so far it’s mainly consisting of my final film, the ENO project and animation exercises.

Talking about the final film, that is finally finished. At least on my part, my composer is currently fixing the quality of the music and sound effects which should be finished this upcoming week. And after that it’s off to festivals, finally.

The new version has been screened to an audience already though. We who graduated the course this year had a second screening of our movies this week. There I met up with Robin Shaw an art director from Lupus Films who took a special liking to my movie. He recommended me to apply for Lupus and Studio AKA here in town which I’m getting everything ready for now.

Other than that life drawing is on again in uni, pictures will come probably tomorrow. It’s getting dark outside and my phone camera can’t take proper pictures of my scribble lines without daylight.

I’ve also been in uni talking to the new firstyears about how their time on the course will be. Something that I’ve realised that I would have loved to have myself as I barely remember anything from the first week other than Steve trowing that bowling ball in the studio floor, scaring us all, but I know we, like this year, mainly had people in to speak for us about boring academic stuff. I got some feedback after the speech in which they said they liked it and that it was a good break from all the dry speeches. So hopefully I made a slight impact, I think they will be fine though, they reminded me of my own class, calm, laid back people who actually is interested in learning as much as possible in this short time. A good balance between laid back and enthusiasm is usually what gets you through this course.

I’ve also had a meeting about a freelance project and went to a housewarming party for a friend, oh and yeah, it was my birthday on Wednesday, so it’s been a good week 🙂


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