Life drawing on the 6th of October

Finally the free life drawing classes are back!

First life drawing session of the term started last week and I was reunited with short poses, my life drawing teacher and familiar faces as well as some new ones. It’s always nice to go to these sessions as it’s more familiar. I like to catch up with those that are still in uni to hear how things are going as well as those like me who is now on the outside.

This time I also got to talk a little bit to some of the firstyears. I still remember how difficult to start up with life drawing as everything you see of quality in my current drawing comes from just two years of regular input though this the animation course. So when they ask to see my drawings or ask how I start a drawing I try to give them some advise. This also makes me reflect a bit on how I draw as I surely can still improve massively. I tried to include the face in some of the drawings this time, but this model, although very nice to draw, doesn’t really pull any faces, but stays calm, focused and normal. So I didn’t always bother.

1 min poses

2 min poses

3 min poses

4 & 5 min poses


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