Life drawing from October 13th

Yey, back to my favourite model out of all the people I’ve ever drawn in life drawing, Adrian. This was a good session, although the fire alarm went off midway and we all had to leave and stay outside the uni for half an hour. I’m trying to keep up with my goal to try and draw a face when drawing even if it’s just a few lines. It’s going okay, turns out I’m not struggling that much with the face itself, but my proportions of the head compared to the body is sometimes a little bit of cause I’m not used to draw the details of the head in perspective.

I’m going to ask my friends, Krisi and Selom, who just came back from a character design course to give me some advise and other than that I just have to try to draw human faces a little more often.

2 min poses. As seen on some of these now that I have a little more focus on adding a face it distracts me and sometimes the head is out of proportions, annoying, butΒ I think that if I keep try to get the whole pose down quickly including the head from the beginning it will probably get better.

3 min poses


4 min poses

6 min poses


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