Life drawing from 20th of October

Another life drawing session yesterday and a brand new model. At uni we usually have about 12 models that are modelling for us one or two times a term and there are not that many new faces that we see, which is okay since our models vary in both physical shape and age. But yesterday we had a new female model in who had a bit of a rusty start, she was picking too difficult poses and didn’t always manage to stand still, but fairly quickly became a very nice model to draw. I do hope she comes back again.


1 min poses

2 min poses

3 min poses

4 min poses

6 min poses


I managed to do better with getting the size of the head right this time, I think it was partly because the model had long dark hair that made the shape more prominent and it was easier to make references to how big or small it should be. I didn’t manage to add the face in too many drawings this time though, not because I didn’t have time, but because I got caught up in redefining my lines instead.


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