New job at Lupus Films

After starting my first job ever as an animator at Nexus this summer I’ve been mostly working freelance and tried to relax a bit, but I’ve realised that I rather want to work in a studio than on my own. To work freelance takes a lot of effort and my biggest challenge is to now make a daily schedule for myself now that I don’t have anything to hold on to. After years and years at school I’m now trying to get used to the life of working. Like I said I’ve realised that I prefer a studio job so I’ve started to apply for jobs, but as I was doing that I was contacted again! Last week I got an email about helping out at Lupus Films on their film We’re going on a Bear Hunt. Lupus is probably my absolute favourite studio in town so even though the job didn’t include any animating for me I said yes.

This half hour film will be a Christmas special, produced for Channel 4, as far as I know it will be sent on Christmas day. It’s based of a children’s book of the same name and is actually a book I knew of from before as it has been translated in to Norwegian. The Norwegian title is Vi skal på bjørnejakt. The book is written by Michael Rosen and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury.

So at the moment and for a few weeks from now I’ll be a colourist on the project. A job that is done in TvPaint, which is great since I’m so familiar with that program. It’s tedious work, but at the same time the result looks so good that I’m fine with that. I’m not stressed out, but work long hours knowing that this won’t last very long as it needs to be finished in about five weeks time. No one know what will come up afterwards for Lupus Films either so it’s good to get some experience now, especially since they are such on a roll with their new feature film, Ethel and Ernest, which is opening in cinemas today, but I got to see it early (last Sunday) as a friend from uni gave me his free ticket when he wasn’t able to go. The movie was stunning to the point where I teared up both from the story and the sheer beauty of the artistry! I miss seeing good feature films in 2d so much more than I thought. I sat though the whole credits (like I always do) and was proud to see several names I recognised. A perfect warm up before starting at Lupus the day after.

Lupus is not the only studio I’ve talked to though. I was contacted by my dad a few weeks back were he told me about this company in Trondheim, Norway that had just won a award in Cannes for an animated film. He knew someone who worked there and asked if I wanted him to put us in contact which I agreed to. So last weekend I sent my CV (which I’m much prouder of now), showreel and final film to them. I got an email back the other day and they wanted to have a talk as they were quite impressed with my animation, so maybe it’s time to, alongside working and being based in London, start contacting studios in my home country. Animation can basically be done anywhere anyway, so I could work for a Norwegian studio while in London.

So yeah, it’s exciting and stressful times.


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