Life drawing from 10th November

The project at Lupus is coming to an end and days are long so I didn’t manage to go to life drawing this week, but I did go last week and here is the drawings from that night. By the way, I’m starting to see now why people stop coming regularly to life drawing after the studies even if they work close. You get tired from working hard at a studio for eight hours and then going to life drawing for another three makes the day extremely long when you want to go home and relax. But I try to keep it up as best as I can, especially since I can get to the sessions easily, it’s easy for me to get back home quickly afterwards and it’s free and I know I should take advantage of that. Also the fact that all CSM student have this advantage is something people from other universities envy us I’ve come to realise.

Anyway, here are the drawings:

1 min poses


5 x 1.5 min poses, turn around

2 min poses

3 min poses + one turn around that was 3 min pr angle.

4 and 5 min pose


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