Bear hunt premiere and making of

We’re going on a Bear hunt is finished, the indent loops are finished, the front covers are finished, it’s all over by now and last Sunday we were ready for the premiere in Leicester Square!

I don’t think I’ve ever been to a big premiere before, at least not as a participant in the project rather than just part of the audience. But I have to say it was so cool, so much fun and really great to be in the cinema with the first audience to ever watch the film and hear their reaction!

I loved to look and listen in on the audience watching my final film during the degree show, it’s such a powerful feeling to see them understand and feel with the characters you worked so hard to make believable, it’s absolute magic and although making the film itself is fun, the greatest pay off is when you see that you succeeded.

So far critics and audience has really liked the movie and see it as a future Christ mas classic so that’s exciting. I’ll probably be all over twitter on Christmas eve to see what the general public says cause so far they are extremely excited about this book becoming a film, some even saying they are looking forward to the film more than Christmas itself!

Here is the indent loops we also made for channel 4, I did colouring on Stan and baby, Rosie and Rufus the dog. I also got to do some assisting on Rosie when she climbs upon the first block.

Channel 4 has also released a short version of the making of-film which you can see here. I don’t know if I will be in that film, but someone was in the studio with a big camera while I was there, so maybe. I’m not on this short version though which is just a quick recap of all the steps of the production. When the film is out on DVD in the new year it should have a longer version on it.

So that was the last project in a long, long year. Now it’s Christmas holidays and I’ll be going home for the first time in a year to relax before I start looking for work again in January. To me this year has been great, I’ve had a generally good time although some outer circumstances my affect my career, possibilities and wishes for both me and my colleagues from here on. This film for instance was partly EU funded and might be the last one of it’s kind for the studio, but I don’t know from here and so does no one else, we’ll just have to face it in the new year and find a way to overcome it.


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