Cafe and pub drawings

At the 8th me and some friends left early to go to this social gathering thing for animators, but we arrived late and the place was packed. And so as the introverts we are we ended up leaving. Since I was the one that wanted to go I asked if they would be interested in going to a cafe to draw to make up for the life drawing we missed out on, they were positive and we went to a Costa close to Piccadilly Circus. Drawing people there was so much fun we decided to try to make this a weekly thing from January as it improved our drawings drawing people from life and getting a continues feedback from the others. So since then me and a few other friends has also been to two bars to draw, which turned out to be better than at the cafe so from here it’s going to be some pub drawings coming up.

First cafe drawings:

First pub drawings:

Second pub drawing:


I see some very quick improvement in drawing faces in these and since that’s what I’ve been trying to do, but not always succeeded at at life drawing I think this is a good exercise for me. I want to try and capture the body as well, but for now the face is more than enough for me to focus on.


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