Christmas cards

Back in 2010 I started something that would become a Christmas tradition for me, I started making cards for friends and family. At the beginning it was exclusively family and two friends that received them, but since then the list has expanded where in 2016 I sent out 35 cards to four different countries! The designs changes from year to year and sometimes depicts an event from the year, this depends on how much time I have to work it out. Sometimes they are simple, other times they are quite detailed.

This is from 2010 and is the very first I made. It’s fairly simple, a digital drawing printed on glossy paper and glued to a silver card. I also sent these first ones out without telling anyone and the response was overwhelming, people were so pleased to get such a personal card and so I decided to repeat this the year after.

2011 Already the year after the card became more complicated, this time it was a pop up card to represent the loss of my boxer dog Shari and all the snow we had in Hamar that year.

2012 I remember this to be a year where I struggled to find a theme to the Christmas card and therefor was struggling to even make one. But I pulled it through just in time for the Christmas deadline and in the end it did turn out quite nice.

2013 This was the year that I moved home to work to save money for my studies abroad. It was a year of terrible storms during Christmas and this I decided to reflect in my card. This was also the year where I first expanded my receiver list to include more friends from Hamar as I now didn’t have them as close as before.

2014 The first card sent from London! After I got into the character animation course in London that year this would of course be the theme of the Christmas card. This is probably my most detailed card along with the pop up one in 2011. This year again the list expanded a bit with a few new friends from the course.

2015 This card was probably the biggest struggle in all of these years! I was so stressed out because of the ENO project at uni and I didn’t have a plan so it ended up quite simple and although not that bad it’s my least favourite.

And lastly, the Christmas card of 2016, which I was much happier with. This time I tried something completely new, block printing, and although a massive mess it looked really nice. This year I once again expanded my list and since some of the receivers now had moved away from the UK the cards now ended up in both Norway, USA, Egypt and Germany.

I really love this tradition as I can’t really buy everyone I know a Christmas present, but I can make a really nice card that they can’t find anywhere else for quite little money and therefore give them something special for Christmas anyway. I’ve also heard from several of my family members and friends that they anticipate the card coming every year and now decorate their houses for Christmas with all the cards from the previous years! That is the best feedback I can get and I hope to keep this tradition going for as long as I can, but to ease myself for this year’s Christmas card I’ve now started to write down ideas so I don’t have to force it when December comes as well as a list of receivers cause believe it or not, I’m still expanding!

Happy new year!


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