Trollhunters water colour painting finished!

It took me a good week and two attempts at the water colouring part, but it’s finally finished!


I’m so happy with it and feel I both managed to capture the bright colour scheme of the show as well as replicating it in my own style and not to mention in water colour! I’m still amazed that it turned out this close to what I was seeing in my head, like I said in the previous post about this, I don’t do as much fan art anymore as I’m getting better at conveying my own imagination with drawing, but it’s still rare for me to get this close to what I intended. Usually I have an idea and I might manage to put 60% of it on paper and the rest I have to make up as I go to fill in the empty spaces where my knowledge and skills fail me. So I tend to often end up with not exactly what I was planning, but still something I can be happy with.

I’m also so happy that I managed to fill the whole page for once! I have a bad habit of making millions of small quick sketched in my sketchbooks with the intent that I’ll come back to it and add shadows and colour later, but rarely do it. So even though the drawings are nice and maybe captured a good pose, it gets boring to look through. That’s why I love to look though my inktober sketchbooks, cause then I actually don’t just do a sketch, but clean it up, colours it and makes it fully presentable. I’m constantly trying to get better at that, I see that my friend Selom is very good at filling up his pages and adding even just a little bit of colour and it looks amazing. I’m also getting inspired by youtube videos were you can look though people’s sketchbooks and my favourite ones are the ones that fill the page.

That’s another thing to work on for me. Now that I know I can do it.

Here is a couple of bonus picture from when I was working on the details which I did with water soluble wax pastels to add extra texture. There is a time lapse of me adding some of these details on my Instagram and I’ll also add a video with a close up of the details later.



For everyone who wonders if I use a tripod to make my time lapses. I guess you can call it that, but it’s really a selfie stick glued to a chair with masking tape and a water bottle to even out the weight of my phone…


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