Life drawings 2nd March

Had a good day at life drawing yesterday. It was mostly short poses from 4 min down to just 30 seconds. Although I put the 30 sec ones first we did start on 4 min and went with shorter and shorter poses from there. I think that helps cause to start off with 30 sec is very brutal compared to the other way around!

30 seconds poses. The order of the images is the order I drew the drawings. They get a little bit better for each pose. I need to do more of these super quick ones.

1 min poses

2 min poses

3 min poses

4 min poses

We also did an exercise where the model was constantly moving, which was so hard even though she moved quite slowly! We did it twice, one were she was walking and one were she did… something that looked like… hmmmmmmm…. tai chi movements… or something, I’m not sure. It was so gracefully¬†though and so frustrarting that it was hard to capture in a drawing when a pose lasted for only a second! I got more and more hang of it though as you can see of the drawings.

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