Personal projects

Since I haven’t had any luck getting studio work in a while I mainly spend my days doing smaller freelance projects, applying for work and small personal projects. I want to try and come up with a new film I can work on as a bigger personal project, but for now I can’t really focus on anything other than trying to market myself and build a career. I also can’t decided which story to go with as I have a few ideas.

So for now I mainly try to improve while doing some illustration, practising anatomy and doing small animations that are less than five seconds long as that is usually my limit for what I can do in a couple of days if I want to clean it up and colour it, one day if I only do it rough. The next goal is to try to get use to animating a bit cleaner as I tend to have lines all over the place and because of that it’s twice the work as I always have to clean it up a bit before publishing it.

But anyway here are some skecthes, drawings and an animation from the last few days:


Oh and by the way, my graduation film, Leave a print, has been accepted into it’s first two festivals! 😀



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