Life drawing 27th April

After a nice Easter at home I eventually came back to London and started in a new job, I’m now back at Nexus. Working on 2D animations for this app called Headspace.

Anyway, I’ve been to life drawing for the last three weeks I’ve just not had time to upload any of the drawings. Days now are full and I have also started to walk to and/or from work, which means I’m not home until quite late and then the lighting to take pictures of the drawing isn’t very good.

But here are the first batch of life drawings, more will come up shortly.

1 min poses. I’m doing better and better with these. We’ve also started doing more and more 30 sec poses in life drawing recently and they are becoming my new favourites, I’m trying to practice these when ever I have time.

2 min poses

3 min poses

4 min poses

5 min (1)5 min pose

6 min poses

I still find the longer poses the most challenging as my mind works in a completely different way when I know I have more time. On the short poses I don’t have time to think and because of that I just do that comes naturally. When I have more time I start analysing, which doesn’t work for me. So when Vanessa said we where allowed to move around and draw the pose from different angles, I did that instead with much better luck.

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