Trollhunters water colour painting finished!

It took me a good week and two attempts at the water colouring part, but it's finally finished! I'm so happy with it and feel I both managed to capture the bright colour scheme of the show as well as replicating it in my own style and not to mention in water colour! I'm still … Continue reading Trollhunters water colour painting finished!


Water colouring and Trollhunters

Earlier this year I was introduced to the new Netflix series Trollhunters by my friend Selom. He was already obsessed with it and was sure I was going to like it and he was right! I absolutely love it! It's so beautiful, the story is very good, the animation is amazing, but what I love … Continue reading Water colouring and Trollhunters


Originally posted on the MA Character animation course blog, published December 6th 2015. When we were setting up our schedule in the second week of the project, we gave ourselves three weeks for cleaning up and colouring the animation, but still, it was stressful If I learned anything from our last project, the Old operating … Continue reading JENUFA โ€“ CLEANING UP AND COLORING