Finishing up


It’s been a busy, but good week. Not only was I finishing up at Lupus, but I also finally got to actually complete my graduation film Leave a print, knowing that this marks an end, I’ll never change it again. It feels weird, that movie completely took over my life for six months and has stayed in the back of my mind for even longer! It defines this year for me, everything that has happened since the course has more or less been because of that movie! And now it’s finished.

Today I made the final trailer for the movie. There is one that’s up on the website for our degree show that we were obligated to make for promotion, but it contained several unfinished scenes so I decided to redo it. Here is the web address for that website:

And here is both versions of the trailer, oldest one first and newer one underneath.


I’m much happier with the latest one. As far as I can remember I was so short on time with the first trailer that I stayed up late and just smashed it together just to have something to show. This time I got to sit down and give it a bit of thought. It’s definitely not anything amazing, but it will do the job.


Now let’s talk about Lupus, we finished We’re going on a bear hunt this week! Oh my goodness the joy! It’s been such a ride, it’s been long days, lots of laughs, lots of new friends, lots of sushi, lots of biscuits, a hundred cups of tea, it’s been cheese and crackers, it’s been binge watching all videos Film Brain has ever made and it’s been an all over great time!

I can’t wait to see it fully finished on the premiere in two weeks, that’s going to be amazing. But before that it’s going to be a party for everyone that worked on it this upcoming Thursday.

I’m so pleased to have been part of this project, I was so sure I was going to miss out on it when I heard about all the way back in May and knew I wouldn’t be available in time. And when even my old mentor, now just friend and contact, Tim didn’t manage to get me in either I assumed that I had missed out. So actually ending up being part of such a beautiful film is just great! This week I even got to try and assist (clean up). From here no one really knows what happens on Lupus so we’ll see if I’ll come back to them at one point.




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